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The history of Flex Gym is a long and fascinating one, and it stretches back nearly 30 years. In those almost three decades, Flex Gym has allowed men and women to challenge themselves, explore their fitness goals, get in shape and enjoy the world of competitive bodybuilding and figure competitions.

Flex Gym was originally founded in 1987, and it has its roots firmly in Ottawa, Illinois. Ottawa residents have come to know and love Flex Gym and its founder, and over the years the facility has gained a reputation for quality, commitment to excellence and the ability to bring out the best in its members.

The original goal of Flex Gym may have been a humble one, to create a fun fitness experience, and in nearly 30 years the facility has met, and far exceeded, those original goals. In the early days Flex Gym was not much to look at. In fact, it was nothing but a small room crammed with as much fitness equipment as it could hold. As the Flex Gym story continued to unfold, they moved to a new state-of-the-art facility in 1991. That facility contained not only the original Flex Gym fitness equipment but a fully equipped tanning bed, a relaxing sauna, a modern cardio room and even a posing room for serious bodybuilders and figure competitors.

That same year saw the inaugural Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding Championship, a showcase for bodybuilding enthusiasts and figure competitors. This championship allowed local competitors to show off their talents and challenge one another to do even better. Over the years the Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding Championship has outgrown its humble roots to become one of the premiere amateur shows in the nation, drawing bodybuilders from throughout the Midwest and guest posers from around the world.

Throughout decades of competitions and hundreds of competitors, Flex Gym has remained true to its roots, providing local bodybuilders and figure competitors with a friendly and supportive environment and helping them reach their fitness goals. From beginning bodybuilders learning the ropes to experienced amateurs with dozens of titles to their names, Flex Gym has welcomed them all.

Now, after nearly 30 years in the business, Flex Gym has announced that it is closing its doors, but that does not mean the story is over. Even after Flex Gym ceases its official operations on December 31, 2016, long-time owner Jeff Johnson will be continuing his legacy of success in helping men and women reach their fitness goals.

To that end, Jeff Johnson will be sharing his passion for the sport of bodybuilding by sponsoring the prestigious NPC Continental USA and the NPC Mid-Illinois Championships, giving fitness enthusiasts a great outlet for success as many competitors have gone on to win state, regional and national titles as well as many athletes have turned pro. Additional plans include a third competition in the near future. Also as a NPC/IFBB official Jeff will be traveling the country judging state, national and professional contests. The Flex Gym story is changing, but it is certainly not ending.


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