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Mens Bantamweight

  1. Jeremy Webb
  2. Drew Somers
  3. Jason Calara

Mens Lightweight

  1. Nicholas Larkin
  2. Javier Garibay
  3. Mens Middleweight
  4. Phillip Ko
  5. Gerald Maragos
  6. Michael Veltri
  7. David Taylor

Mens Light Heavyweight

  1. Kevin Kwiecinski
  2. Andy Krawcyzk
  3. Chris Vitro
  4. John Parrish
  5. Ray Cummerlander

Mens Heavyweight

  1. Christopher McFadden
  2. Matt Marsili
  3. Keith Young

Mens Super Heavyweight

  1. Chris Chambers

Overall Winner

Kevin Kwiecinski Oak Park, IL


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