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Bikini A

  1. Ellie Lai
  2. Lucy Skerke
  3. Jessica Rogers
  4. Jessie Themas
  5. Kathryn Cavendish
  6. Chelsea Evans

Bikini B

  1. Hannah Camfield
  2. Brianna Mueller
  3. Stephanie Taverna
  4. Janexia Molina
  5. Kylee Ladd
  6. Amanda Feiner
  7. Ehrica Graham
  8. Cindy Romo
  9. Ashley Heineman
  10. Katlin Arvanis

Bikini C

  1. Hannah Ranfranz
  2. Kris Huerta
  3. Elena Lucci

Bikini D

  1. Hannah Manfull
  2. Katelin Salsberry
  3. Tara Gross
  4. Valentina Grosu
  5. Michaela Scully
  6. Susan Greenwald

Bikini Overall Champion

Ellie Lai from Aurora Illinois


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