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Physique A

  1. Gerard Gomez

Physique B

  1. Michael Severino
  2. Igor Lukyan
  3. Dan Crabbe
  4. Alexander Bogatyrev

Physique C

  1. Cody Acree
  2. Jeff Duke
  3. Hugo Gonzalez
  4. Drew Cullen
  5. Addison Williams
  6. Tyler Carroll
  7. Devin Geiger
  8. Kylan Kurkendall
  9. Trey Hopkins
  10. Adnan Madda
  11. Taylor Deloye
  12. Matthew Georgion
  13. Steve Bacon
  14. Eric Noonan

Physique D

  1. Austin Seei
  2. Drew Johnson
  3. Santiago Muratalla
  4. Grant Barnes
  5. Brent Latfey
  6. Justin Jones
  7. Chris Ledbetter
  8. Hussain Alsalam

Overall Champion

Cody Acree from Decatur,IL


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